Monday, September 01, 2014

To celebrate COLD LIGHT OF DAY being up for pre-order, a giveaway!

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Coming November 16th, 2014

Physicist Scarlett Stone is the daughter of the man considered to be the most notorious Russian agent in FBI history. With her father dying in prison she's determined to prove he's innocent, but time is running out. Using a false identity, she gains access to the Russian ambassador's Christmas party, searching for evidence of a set-up.

Former Navy SEAL, now FBI Special Agent, Matt Lazlo, is instantly attracted to Scarlett but life is too complicated to pursue a politician's daughter. When he discovers she lied to him about her identity, he hunts her down with the ruthless efficiency he usually reserves for serial killers.

Not only does Scarlett's scheme fail, it puts her in the sights of powerful people who reward unwanted curiosity with brutality. The FBI--and Matt--aren't thrilled with her, either. But as agents involved in her father's investigation start dying, and the attempts to stop Scarlett intensify, Matt and his colleagues begin to wonder. Could they have a traitor in their midst?

As Scarlett and Matt dig for the truth they begin to fall passionately for one another. But the real spy isn't about to let anyone uncover their secrets, and resolves to remain firmly in the shadows--and for that to happen, Matt and Scarlett have to die.

ALSO: A COLD DARK PLACE and COLD PURSUIT are Kindle Monthly Deals on Amazon for $1.99. September only!

To celebrate, a giveaway! (No purchase necessary). Also on my Facebook Page
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Cover reveal for HER RISK TO TAKE (novella)

Every so often I get questions about characters in older books. What happens to so-and-so? We want this guy's story. When are you going to write about X and Y? All I can say is, "Thanks for asking!" and "I'm getting there."

Slowly :)

Right now I'm writing COLD LIGHT OF DAY(Cold Justice book #3), but since I released HER LAST CHANCE last December I've also been planning to write about some of the other characters in HER SANCTUARY. So this December (15th) I'll release HER RISK TO TAKE a short novella, featuring Sarah Sullivan and Cal Landon.

I'll post buy links when it's available for pre-order on iBooks and Amazon. Just thought I'd show you the great cover Kim Killion created first :)

If only ER doc Sarah Sullivan could get the ornery cowboy she’s loved since she was a girl to cooperate, she could move on with her life, and maybe even think about starting a family. But he’s pulling away, and she doesn’t know why. What she does know is that she can’t imagine life without him.
Ex-con Cal Landon lives in fear of the day his ugly past catches up with him and takes away the best thing he’s ever known—Sarah Sullivan. Cal would die to protect her, but she deserves better than a world-weary ranch hand. Even though it’s way past time for him to leave her family’s Montana spread, he can’t bring himself to let go.
When Sarah proposes on Christmas Eve, Cal has no choice but to walk away. Then a hostage crisis hurls Sarah into a life-and-death situation, and the love that made Cal leave sends him racing back to her side, straight into danger. He will get her out alive—or die trying.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Few Minor Adjustments

Since getting back from RWA in July I've been having a few epiphanies. I'm working thirteen, fourteen hour days, then trying to be a decent mom, home owner (not really wife as DH is working just as hard as me if he's even in the country) and still not getting as much written as I want. The bottom-line is I'm now a publisher as well as a writer and for the last 18 months I got away with doing it all myself. No more. I'm done. Spent. Deflated and knackered.

Since I got back from RWA I updated back matter in all my books--for those who don't know that's the extra stuff at beginning and end. The key though is making sure hyperlinks etc go to each correct vendor. So I have five self-published books, ten published titles, five vendors (at least). My books are mentioned two or three times in each book so it's about 500 links that I needed to update. Then my website was in desperate need of an overhaul--10 books average 12+ book buying links each on page and then series pages and and and... You get the picture.

So even just doing the basic stuff has taken me forever. I almost gave up on the website (what do you think BTW link?) but I knew could do it. I like being in charge of the website, and I like the immediacy. I like the control. CONTROL is a big thing for self-published authors. But I made a few decisions. Firstly, from now on the manuscript is going to a professional formatter. I can do it. I like doing it. I just don't have time anymore. Covers and editing are already in the hands of professionals. I am cutting back on formatting so I can write (please god, let me write) and I'm cutting back the social media. I've cut back on that quite a lot already--not the interacting on my page/profile, but the aimless wandering. It isn't that I don't care what's happening. I just need to concentrate, to retrain my brain to enjoy long sentences and complicated story-lines.

I'm also doing a lot of my research using audiobooks which has been a big help, time wise. Dog walking has involved much Russian shenanigans.

My son comes home soon after six weeks away, hubby too though he's only been gone a week. I'm going to enjoy them for a few days and then dive back into COLD LIGHT OF DAY which is shaping up nicely I think. It was a hard book to get into, but it is turning into the book I want it to be--I just hope readers feel the same way (eep). After that I'm going to write a couple of novellas (One for Sarah & Cal out of HER SANCTUARY, and one for Vivi and Jed out of COLD PURSUIT for Christmas) and then onto ASAC Frazer's story in the new year.  Then I'm hoping to start on some SAS thrillers linked to THE KILLING GAME,intermixed with more FBI/Wisconsin RS stories.

Second epiphany was that the quality of the work matters more than the speed of production (contrary to much self publishing wisdom). Readers might have to wait a bit longer, but better to write a book to the best of my ability than to rush it. I need to stop panicking. This is the best year I've ever had as a writer but I need to trust my decisions. I know myself. I know my body. I know how I work best and that is by achieving balance. This isn't me being lazy, it's me knowing my body and my mind and my writing. This is how I do what I have to do. This is how I stay sane.  Bullying doesn't work. Pressure doesn't work. Deadlines mean nothing because I work my ass off everyday anyway. I don't need anyone else cracking the whip. I just hope readers stick with me for the ride.

Another thing--I realized I have four shorter manuscripts sitting on my hard drive, stories that I originally wrote for Harlequin Intrigue but that were rejected. There are at least two pretty decent stories there (the third would actually make a better bigger book). So maybe next year I'll also figure out a way of putting them into my release schedule. They are simpler books, only 50K words long. What do you thing--would readers like them?

Hope you're having a good summer. I'm going to put my feet up now. 9 pm on a Sunday and I don't remember the last time I had a day off. Time to make a few changes.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Reader Appreciation Time: Digital Book Day!

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I've included HER LAST CHANCE in the giveaway, free on iBooks (scroll down the romance column)

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That means you can get both books in the HER--Romantic Suspense Series (plus over 400 more) because HER SANCTUARY (book 1) is available for only 99c in the Crimes of Passion box set.

Full of heart-pounding, sexy suspense, this box set includes books by four New York Times bestselling authors. I'm honored to have HER SANCTUARY included with these fantastic titles!

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Happy Reading!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014


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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Blooming heck!

After all the months of snow and ice I love seeing the flowers in bloom. Insects have gone wild though, all sorts of weird bugs this year (eek).

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

It can't possibly be July already, right? The weather here has pretty much sucked. Usually we endure the winter knowing we'll have some nice sunny days in the summer. This year it's been no better than a UK summer. Hopefully July and August warm up and dry up enough for the farmers to plant and the flowers to bloom. 

In publishing news, this month is RWA month and I still have a big chunk of book to finish before I go let down my hair (although I'm thinking of just chopping it off :)). Wish me luck!

And, in other July news, my wonderful publisher has put my Canadian set Romantic Suspense/Thriller DARK WATERS on sale for $2 (US and Canada). This book is up for the National Readers' Choice Award in Romantic Suspense!

Danger once again laps at the shores of Barkley Sound, the Graveyard of the Pacific…

It may be summer, but schoolteacher Anna Silver’s trip to the coastal town of Bamfield is anything but a vacation. She’s on the run, desperate to stay one step ahead of her father’s murderer and determined to track down the one man she’s been told to trust: her father’s old cell mate, Brent Carver. But when she finds him, she discovers not a kind, elderly artist but a dangerously hot alpha male with blood on his hands.

Loyal to the core, Brent would never turn away his friend’s daughter when she comes seeking help. He can’t deny Anna his protection…just as he can’t deny the instantaneous attraction he struggles to keep in check. But as their passion blazes out of control, a sadistic killer is on the hunt to stop Anna from uncovering his dark secrets.