Friday, April 15, 2005

Bad Day

Yesterday I had a bad day.
It wasn't the fact the inlaws were arriving for a 3-week visit. It wasn't the fact I had to supply snack for all the adults and kids at my Mom's group. It wasn't even the fact I had to drag the kids kicking and screaming to my friends house for a visit. The latter involved swapping car seats (kids still screaming) because without coats, snowsuits and stuff they rattled around like dehydrated nuts in the seats they had last winter.
It wasn't even my son's love of buttons that made me so intensely furious (although it didn't help). He decided, as I vacuumed the rugs to investigate the button on the front of the vacuum. The button that opened the dust canister. And he did this twice, so I vacuumed THREE times!!! That was hellish enough. Added to the mud everywhere, the other rugs hanging in the rain from the dog's misfortunes earlier in the week and basically the place was no cleaner after I finished cleaning than at the start!! At least the bathrooms were done :)

My frustration was internal. A very good friend of mine, who is a published author and all round good person, took a look at a synopsis I'd sent off to Harlequin Intrigue. For various reasons too boring to get into, I didn't tell her I'd already mailed it. She had some wonderful comments, not least if you're writing a romance make sure you summarize the ROMANCE!! Duh!!! Summarizing the plot of a 70,000-word manuscript is hard enough to do in 1-single-spaced page, getting in all the inner conflicts of your characters and building up the sexual tension between your imaginary protagonists is truly difficult. (Note: these characters are not imaginary to me--they are real people who grew in my head LOL). So now I'm worried the work I've spent the last few months writing won't even get a showing with the people at intrigue due to my own insufficiencies!!!

Here's crossing every appendage I have (I'd do the kids' too but may get arrested) and hoping I get the chance to submit my work. The standards are high and they don't want rubbish, if you can't even write a synopsis....


  1. I feel your pain Toni. Synopsis are horrible things. To make you feel better, I've heard several published authors say they can't write synops. But I've read their books and they really write great romances. So hopefully the editor will take that into account. :) Plus I'll share any knowledge (scary I know) I get from this synopsis workshop ;)

    Don't feel bad and perk up!

  2. hi Toni,
    you have not written for a few days so I assume you are busy with the inlaws! Is Finn OK now?
    Keep writing! Just finished another Suzanne Brockman and Eliz. Lowell. Looking forward to my first Toni!