Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Sheesh. Finn is home from vets and looking good, but the bill makes me think about sending out a bunch of those begging letters you get in the email every other day.
Where do people get off asking for money like that? What makes one person so sure that they deserve handouts compared to some other poor soul? Please do not fall for these SCAMS!!!
I also get really hacked off when charities phone and bug me for money. I mean I give what I can to charity. I can't believe people are using my phone line to hassle me for more. I'm not dollar rich. If I ever became dollar rich, I'd do what I could for a worthy cause, but my family would come first--especially the geriatrics!!

Strangers seem to see me as a soft touch just because I'm polite. Salesmen latch on like leeches, but they're wasting their time. Me and dh worked out years ago not to let me bargain/negoiate for anything. Just say NO is my motto --or NO THANKS--if you're as polite as I am :)


  1. I am glad Finn is ok, I wasn’t sure what to type today so I wrote about my old dog in

  2. I can see your point, but I can’t say no to this guys. I fall for them every time from a “recovering heroine addict” to a “dying, drug (medicinal) dependent guy.” It’s hard for me to say no. I’m not rich, but for me, if their just scamming me well, too bad for them, but if they are telling the truth, at least my dollar could’ve help