Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Canadian Shield

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This is a picture I took today at Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba. Most North Americans would be familiar with this type of landscape, but it is much less typical of the UK, where we're from. Now that we live in the prairies it was a bit of a surprise to find this rugged landscape just 90 minutes east. The prairies are so FLAT. You almost strain your eyes trying to pick something off in the distance. For a person who loves the sea and the mountains I feel slightly disoriented being in this flat land, but I'm excited at seeing the different seasons and how the landscape changes with snow and then with crops. They have beaches nearby too, and the desert, and now we've found part of the Canadian shield we can scramble about a bit.
Nice :)


  1. Toni, it's beautiful! But looks so, um, cold...

  2. Under about me I see you have filled the profile in. is that new or have I just overlooked it before

  3. Profile recently added--not that it says anything interesting :)