Monday, April 11, 2005

Foot in Mouth Syndrome

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you are constantly putting your foot in it??? People who know me well realize this is not an uncommon phenomena. Maybe I'll take a deep breath and refrain from saying anything to anyone for 24-hours and see if anyone notices my tact.

I know I sound like the weather channel, but after 6 months of snow, 7 days of sunshine, it is now raining. I was told the prairies were cold in winter, but the summers were lovely. I was told the major problems would be dried up wood cracking. Tell that to the condensation dripping from my pipes, or leaking in through the basement wall (somehwere), or piling into my garage from the back lane, or leaking through the roof. Or the rotting timbers of the deck.
Have I missed anything-probably!! :(

The roof should get replaced soon (everything crossed).

Writing-wise, today has been a deadloss, but I still have tonight and then 2 days of freedom to EDIT!! I might even celebrate by cooking for hubby before he gets home. I may just curl up and finish the great Elizabeth Lowell book I'm enjoying.

I cleaned both bathrooms today--yeah!!! Need to do the dusting/clean the floor and we'll be ready for our first overseas visitors.

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  1. I have put my foot in it too much lately also.