Monday, April 18, 2005

No more alcohol!!

For the past week or so I have had trouble sleeping and I've been knackered. At first I put it down to my son moving into a bed and, on occasion, being up in the night. Another problem was hubby who, at three in the morning, poked me out of a deep, deep sleep and asked "Did we bring the dogs in?"
Last night we had a thunder storm and I found myself (at four a.m.) unplugging everything electric and placing a bucket beneath our bedroom light-fitting, where the roof has decided to leak. Our roof is due to be replaced, just as soon as the wind drops and the rain stops :)

But I think the real reason I'm so tired are my in-laws. Anybody who knows them (at all :)), knows they like the odd tipple. Since they arrived the gin & tonic has been out at 5 p.m. every night and the wine with dinner. I simply can not keep up! They don't drink to excess, but I have found, since I barely drink at all nowadays, I just can not drink anything alcoholic and still expect to function. Bearing in mind I usually work at night this is/was a problem. As a little experiment I decided to abstain for a night and low-and-behold, today I'm much more energetic.

I wonder if they'll read this before they go home? Maybe...
This is no reflection on J&J, it is a reflection on the loser I have become in the alcoholic drinking stakes. In case anyone is wondering... hubby still copes admirably :)

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