Thursday, April 07, 2005


After six months of snow, within one week we have hit 18 C. What a strange world we live in. The snow has almost gone in the last week and the nearby river is a race of floating icebergs. I've been told it won't last and real spring is still a ways away, but it is lovely for now :)

I have been spring cleaning, although still have masses to do :( but it is a nice feeling (having finished the first draft of my wip) to allow myself the luxury of doing the mundane chores that are always waiting at the back of our minds. I still have to do 2 critiques for my crit-partners and need to get a requested partial out to an agent, not to mention finish my story, but yesterday and today I felt I could finally BREATHE and concentrate on the house for a change.


  1. Weather like that, where are you?

  2. Anonymous8:30 am

    yipeeeeeee! Hope the sunshine lasts!1 Mini

  3. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Enjoy the warmth while it lasts, we have had up to 17 degrees and now its snowing again! Guess who?

  4. Anonymous1:49 pm

    yes, you guessed its me, janny