Sunday, April 24, 2005

Ticked Off in the Desert

Yesterday we went to the desert. Now considering the snow has only been gone for a month, it felt pretty weird trekking off to the desert. We arrived late (of course) and immediately set out on a 7 km walk (even though it was lunchtime and we had a cooler full of food in the car and the kids were hungry). We took a snack bar and a carton of juice for them and set off. Foolish, but that's us :)
It was a lovely walk, all encroaching grass and shifting sands. Pretty purple flowers dotted along the wayside. Small gnarled aspens and unfamiliar conifers gave us some shade from the glorious sunshine, though the wind was cool. We saw signs of deer and snake tracks, but no real wildlife. It was a lovely walk, but took more than 3 hours to complete. Hubby carried both kids at least half of the time and he carried the big grumpy lump of a two-year-old, all the time.
The lump was not a happy chappy.
We got back (having somehow lost the father-in-law) and rather than going to look for him decided to start our picnic. Starving children are always a mother's priority!! As soon as we set down the backpack, the lump fell asleep (typical) so we set him down in the shade and happily stuffed our faces with bagels and cream cheese and crisps and juice (though we'd forgotten cups and plates--please note hubby packed this picnic ;-0). He got the essentials!!
Father-in-law eventually turned up, no worse for wear, having investigated EVERY sign and notice board along the way. He ate, mother-in-law sunbathed on the ground and then we set off again back to the homestead.

End of story-but not quite...

M-i-l discovered a 'thing' on her. I didn't really pay attention, too busy watching the smoke on the horizon as local farmers burnt off stubble. Then when we bathed the kids we found more 'things' in their hair, trying to attach to their vulnerable little scalps :(

I think we tracked them all down--wood ticks--not carriers of Lymes disease (touch wood), but not nice either. Plucked them off the kids and m-i-l (I won't tell you where she found them!) and I personally was very grateful not to have taken the dogs with us. Of course now I've discovered the critters I'll be paranoid (as always).

Can you spray dogs with DEET???


  1. you can but only if you nolonger want the dog, just a rug

  2. Anonymous11:25 pm


    Frontline kills ticks. You apply it between their shoulders once a month and it works wonderfully.