Thursday, April 28, 2005

Writing is Hard

Writing is hard. Really really hard.

It isn't the actual writing that is hard. I can sit and write all day. It is a combination of trying to write brilliantly and fresh that requires real power.

Outside of Critique Partners, agents, editors and contest judges, I hate showing my writing to anyone or even talking about my plot or story-line.
People often ask me 'Can I read your work?' Generally I say no. Not because I don't like that person or even because I am worried about what they might say. But somehow, with each person that reads your work and doesn't BUY it (I'm talking publishers here) it takes away some of the sparkle, some of the energy from your story. Sounds nuts, but I can't think of another way to put it.

Focusing so much energy on trying to get your words/scenes/chapters/story line perfect is incredibly difficult. You have to juggle character personalities in your head. You have to remember the environment in which your characters live, their backgrounds, personal histories. Normally while balancing nappy changes, meal times and other family demands that intrude every ten minutes. You need to get your facts straight because readers are picky and even though it is fiction, people like to know real facts with their fiction.

Then there is the business of writing. The incredibly competitive, professional theatre in which any writer must operate. Knowing what a query is, how long your synopsis should be, what each publishing house favors, what different editors like, all the while trying to write something fresh that they'll still recognize as a story they want, but that nobody has done quite that way before.

Combine all this with the strain of raising children who are fickle and demanding...makes them sound horrid and they're not, but what else would you call kids who cry because there is tomato sauce on their hot dog at lunch-time and then cry again because there isn't tomato sauce on their fish fingers at tea-time???

Like I said, writing is hard. Motherhood may be harder!!!


  1. Yeah, writing is hard and we never know what to do right. How long or short something should be. I just keep saying this too shall pass and we'll get it someday. Won't we?

  2. I'm in agreeance with Kimberly...

    Hi Toni, thanks for visiting my site. You're right, writing is tough, no matter what genre or which publisher one is targetting. But I wouldn't swap it for the world. Let me explain...

    I've been writing forever, except for that little break I took while building my career. Little = almost 7 years. Wanna know what happened? I got clogged up. It became excruciatingly clear just important my writing was to me. You know that saying, you never know what you've got til it's gone! Well, bingo.

    So keep plugging away, keep honing your craft and doing the thing your soul needs for fulfilment and joy.

  3. Thanks Rose...not done yet but Lord it can be hard!!!
    Sometimes I worry I'm missing my kids' childhood while crammed up in front of the computer!!!