Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bison versus Buffalo

We have had a great week (besides gut-wrenching rejection). On Thursday night dh and I went to see Blue Rodeo play the MTS centre. They were fantastic though the support band gave me a headache (showing my age :)).

The very next night we got a babysitter and took inlaws out to a Moose-game. That would be the Manitoba Moose ice-hockey team to the uninitiated (like me). It was a key match in the play-offs against the St John's Maple Leafs. Moose won 4-0 and the game was fabulously fast and rough, surprisingly graceful and skilled. I was impressed. The Moose now go on to the next round and who knows we might make another game yet. One thing I did notice was all the little kids at the game. LITTLE kids. Never fails to surprise me how late North Americans have there kids out. I have mine in bed by 7 pm (selfish horrid mommy that I am!!). Maybe it is because I'm home with them all day, whereas many parents are out at work every day and if the kids weren't up late they'd never see them? I don't know, I just know my kids need 12 hours sleep a night, and dh and I need some peace (him for recharging batteries and me so I can work).

We're 4-3 in the canasta play-offs (inlaws-us).

Despite the bitter cold we went to Fort Whyte today. We decked out the oldies in our thick down coats, that they (well John) insisted they didn't need and headed off. John then bemoaned the fact he wasn't wearing long underwear, so I think the jackets were a good move :). It certainly wasn't like ice piercing-your-skin, or nostrils-freezing-closed sort of cold, but it wasn't pleasant. But we saw bison and geese and our wee lump of a boy screamed his way around the walk only to be calmed down by the indoor exhibit of stuffed animals (strange but true).

Now we have only a couple of days left of their stay and we're trying to think what to do next (did I mention the chiropractor???). Louis Reil's House? St Vital Mall?? Not sure yet...


  1. After reading your last post I’m sure your writing must be a good read but I dare not ask to read any of it.

  2. He he he!!!
    Thank you for your kind words!!! And yes, I'm pretty scary :)

  3. Your blog is SO GOOD! I get no comments on mine at all. Thanks for linking us up. Maybe I'm not linked up with the rest of Blog land? At Xanga I get comments regularly. I'm so sorry again for your rejections. I still think you should ST that book and try and find an agent. As we Crit it, let's decide if you want to *really* paranormal it, as that's selling although by the time an agent takes it the market may have cooled, or really up the murder/suspense so it's saleable. How many "hooks" do you have in it?

  4. Hugs again on R, but otherwise your week sounds nice. Best wishes for your writing!

  5. Thanks Olga and dragonfly47!!!
    Glad you dropped in. Sometimes I forget people might actually read this :)