Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Busy busy busy

I'm taking a couple of online courses this month, one on website building (which I'm thinking of pursuing as an additional career) and another on writing synopses (LOL-read previous posts!!). I'm also trying to be a better mom, less TV, more interaction--which is slowly driving me crazy :)

Like today...I made a gorgeous smoothie. Strawberries, banana, yogurt and milk, with a little bit of brown sugar...delicious. Did my kids touch it? Did they heck. And we baked fairy cakes...which nobody ate. But we had fun anyway. They played outside in the cold sunshine and I pulled a few dandelions (next to mossies I think dandelions rule the world...and sea gulls...they get everywhere...and ants).

And on Monday I bagged an editor appointment with Denise O'Sullivan, for the RWA National conference in RENO later this summer. So the intrigue I'm working on (that I screwed up on with my rejected synopsis) may have another chance...may, if I don't screw up the pitch. So I'm working on that too--manuscript, pitch, synopsis, what to wear, how to get rid of spots (at my age!!!).

I have a birthday coming up soon...sometimes I feel like life is spinning out of control it goes so quickly...what is that saying? The days go slowly, but the years rush by? Very true. Anyway I love birthdays, always have and always will, even when I'm 101 and a little wrinkly, I'll look forward to those candles. It isn't the presents, it is the special-ness of the whole day. Even if nobody else knew, I'd still tingle inside. I love birthdays.

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  1. you may love birthdays but i love sweet things, your kids dont know what they are missing

  2. My kids are contrary!!! What can I say--I must be doing something wrong...but that smoothie was really good!!

  3. Oooo, your smoothie sounds delicious! I wish I could have some. And best of luck on your editor pitch! You can do it!

  4. Thanks Olga...I can try :)

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