Monday, May 23, 2005

Crail, Fife, Scotland. 2004

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Can you tell I'm a visual person? I get bored without pictures :)
Again this is near where I have set my wip--the next town away. I love the crow-stepped gables and the pantile roofs. Now I can tell you, this particular harbour stinks a bit in the summer--you have to take the good with the bad. If I put on my biologist head, I could tell you the anoxic conditions and anaerobic bacteria in the mud that lines the harbour is the cause--and rotten eggs is the effect.


  1. Hi Toni--
    Thanks for stopping by the blog. Romance writing is definitely not as easy as it looks--hope it works for you.
    --Rob Preece

  2. Rob, you have an interesting blog and so does your dh. No, writing isn't easy, but you get to cybermeet lots of great people. I love it, just wish I was better at it and published. Even if I were pubbed I'd wish I were better at it--I've never been known to be completely satisfied!

  3. “I love the crow-stepped gables and the pantile roofs.” Yes but it looks exsposed and windy up there, I wouldn’t care about the cold but if it smells bad too that’s a place I’d not be keen on working on.
    I got to go back to my site now as I was tagged earlier and have to get rid of that lurgi

  4. dragonfly sure reads a lot too but I couldn’t get the comments box to work

  5. New_friend. Did you link to her Xanga-site or her BLOGsite? I just learned how to link so I haven't finished it yet. need to add her blog.

    It is cold up there in Crail, but pretty. I lived in Anstruther, just down the road and it didn't smell, it was half the price in terms of housing, had a wonderful community, all facilities and a fabulous chippy :)