Friday, May 06, 2005

Guilt free talk-radio

Today I spent the day being a mom.
It might seem like a stupid statement. I am a stay-at-home-mom, but I don't always dedicate every waking moment to my kids' interests. Today I did. It was a guilt thing brought on by the knowledge they watch too much TV. Too often I let them get away with it so I can do some work, which was fine in the winter, but when they won't go out in the sunshine??? Not good. So I emptied out the toy-boxes, got them into the garden, put up with endless screaming tantrums when I said NO to the TV, visited a poor unsuspecting friend and generally hung out with my kids. It was good...but I still itched to get down to writing, itched to sort through my scattered thoughts and move forward with this manuscript.

But my kids sometimes need more from me.

What brought all this on?
Well last night I was on talk-radio, a discussion on motherhood. It was nerve-wracking, but once I forgot about the listeners (if there were any) and relaxed, it was OK. I'm sure I said nothing particularly interesting, but neither did I embarrass dh, or swear, so it was a positive experience. Fame at last ;-)
I love my kids, even when they deliver into my hands poop-filled nappies that have somehow lost their poop. Potty training beckons...

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  1. m&p11:53 am

    Well done "Mom". Kids are fun to "hang out" with , even when they are in their late 30's!!