Thursday, May 26, 2005

Liverpool FC


Liverpool won their fifth European Champions League. That is so fantastic :)

I'm astounded!! I have been a supporter since I was about six. My grandad's a Liverpuddlian and most of my family are Liverpool fans. Growing up I remember the glory days of the late 70's--the excitement. My sister had her room covered in pennants and hung around in her red nylon shirt as a fashion statement. Bob Paisley, Kevin Keegan, Kenny Dahlgleish, Steve Highway. I remember the latter especially as he was/is a distant relative of ours (whether he knows it or not :)).

I went to the University of Liverpool, I loved the city, its waterfront, shopping centre, and even the terrible dereliction of the poverty stricken areas had a stark beauty. I even went to a game once with an avid fan, called Vish, who showed me the ropes. It was fabulous--but not something I'd do on my own.

Liverpool's biggest asset, its most precious gift to the world, is the humor of its people. And now they get to keep the European Cup.



  1. do you remember Kevin Keegan falling off the bike in superstars

  2. I posted a reply yesterday but it seems to have been eaten :(
    I don't remember Kevin doing that but I bet hubby does. An avid SuperStars fan :)

  3. When I was in London (back in '95), I met three guys from Liverpool in the lobby of my hotel. They were in town for football champtionships and we had a blast talking to them.
    Like your blog! I'm a romance writing mom, as well, and only recently returned to work full-time.
    Keep at it!

  4. Melissa, thanks for visiting :) Someone who knows about the whole frustrating business!!

    I enjoy some historicals...I hope to read yours one day :)