Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mother's Day

I was wondering what to write besides Happy Mother's Day for North Americans. I had a nice morning, tea in bed, a lie in, homemade bookmark, card. Nice stuff, as well as those kisses and cuddles. But that's not what I really want to say.

Mother's Day. My mom.

She is the most incredible person in the world. She can feed an army at a moment's notice, run the house on a shoe-string budget, juggle grandchildren (without choice) the way a professional can juggle balls.

We have a funny relationship, I was always one of those difficult children. Independent, isolated, stubborn. She says I'm like my father and as I get older I can see it more (but he's still more stubborn than me:) ). I'm solitary by nature...not particularly huggable, maybe afraid of rejection? Of not being good enough? I've always been the one to follow the rules, get good grades, work hard. Growing up I needed to escape my hometown...I needed to travel. It is a cliche to say I needed to find myself...I've always known who I am. I was hungry to see the world...cursed with an imagination that made me feel trapped in the confines of a small town where everybody thinks they know everything about everybody else.

It is not a bad town, it is a nice town, just not good for me when I was a teenager with an inquisitive mind. Bruce Springsteen understood :)

But my mom has always loved me, just the way I've always loved her. She let me go when I needed to explore (how hard must that be?), always took me back when I came home. She's never expected any return from me, nothing except the love and respect that is her due as my mother. Now I'm far away I think of her all the time...especially when I'm struggling to raise my kids without their grandparents nearby.

So Happy Mother's Day mom--you deserve a bloody medal :)


  1. Anonymous2:53 am

    Lovely, I think your Mum deserves a big GOLD medal too!

  2. Mothering Sunday is on a different date here. Nice sentiment though

  3. I echo what you say.... (Not as her daughter but as a friend of her daughter) - always chips & egg and a cup of tea on offer, a spare welly or two in a thunder storm and a smile & genuine open armed welcome at all times.