Sunday, May 29, 2005

Oldest Friend

My oldest friend is coming to stay (longevity, not age). We've known each other since we were eleven and I don't even know what made us click. She's bubbly and fun and always good for a laugh. She's bringing her boys and I think we'll have a fabulous time. I don't know how much writing I'll get done--maybe enough to keep on track (I have about 8 weeks to go before a big conference and editor appointment). I'll try to get in a couple of hours each day.

She's VERY houseproud and manages amazingly, especially as she's a single mom. Needless to say hubby and I were cleaning madly yesterday and today in the hopes of keeping up (we won't, but we tried :)).

Right now hubby is clipping/shearing our retrievers. Vanity is sacrificed for their comfort and our convenience. It isn't pretty, but it works :) Maybe I'll take a picture later, or maybe they'll look too woebegone!!!


  1. I have a friend like that, one I've known forever. When we first saw each other it was that instant click. We're complete opposites, which you'd think would have kept us from liking each other, but we're as close as sisters.

  2. Gena--thank you for visiting my blog!!!
    Same here, she's totally my opposite but it works for us :)
    I love your books BTW!!!

  3. Anonymous9:54 am

    Must have been our love for Liverpool mate that made us click - or those Broseley roots that united us?! Houseproud, not it, just organised chaos (lots of crammed drawers!!)and a tortoise who creates less hair on carpets than dogs.... Looking forward to catching up and enjoying our stay. x

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