Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Painted Bear

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This gorgeous creature was in Winnipeg today. There are hundreds of them and I took many photos, so expect to be bored for at least a week. The weather was fantastic. A hot sunny day. Me, my friend and our kids went off to the Forks and messed around outside, had a huge lunch and played in the Children's Museum.

Yesterday I finally got into the garden and planted my window boxes, some geraniums, petunias and lavender bushes (that the dogs will probably pee on and kill, but I tried). I haven't put the window boxes up yet--being vertically challenged. I haven't got the stepladders out and I gave it another day to regain my strength :)

Hubby planted the Mosquito Magnet (God bless his sainted soul) after sending me on a wild-goose chase for something we didn't need for it...but I digress. Please please work. I am already itching from the couple of bites I've had. I blow up like a very attractive bloated thing in reaction to mossies
:( not nice!!!

So life is pretty good just now. Tomorrow I aim to write. Let me repeat that for myself.