Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Parents in Law

We've had three weeks of the 'parents-in-law' and I have to say we've enjoyed every minute of it. They left this morning, flew back to Scotland and hopefully towards some much needed sunshine. Weatherwise they've had everything. Hot sunshine and snowy windchill. I'm glad it was cold as well as hot, because I'd have been cursing if they hadn't believed me about the temperature!!! So I was up at five-thirty (not a usual thing for me) to say Good-bye and I'm sure there were a few tears when dh said goodbye at the airport.

When you live thousands of miles away from your relatives and friends you always wonder how many times you'll get to see them again. It is natural, not a factor of age, just reality. In the past we've moved around a lot, but always gone home every year. But I can't see us moving from here for a good decade and traveling with kids is so bl**dy expensive, so unless I can earn some money, we simply can't afford it. So I'm sad. I'm even sadder because my parents probably can't afford the trip either :(

So thanks Jean and John for wonderful company and a great trip. We really explored the area and discovered some interesting wildlife. We hope to see you again very soon! Maybe that lottery win is in the STARS!!!


  1. it is good you get on so well

  2. Just catching up on events and praying for more sunshine - roll on end of May! As for the book, my advise is go with your gut instinct and then pretend that that was the final decision, if you feel ok about it then go for it, if not then rethink and go with plan B, C D... I am a great believer in fate and talent - both of which I know will follow you.

  3. Deb, please pay a psychic to tell me everything will work out...OK?

    Good plan. I think I have a plan, but if I don't I'll use yours ;-)