Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Website Q's

I'm thinking about creating a website. Unpublished-authors R' Us or Losers Inc. Just kidding. No-I really am thinking about setting up a website, to torture myself (and other's) with my achievements (or lack thereof).

So my question to you guys is this. What would you like to see in a website? I'm not keen on my photo, but is that important to people? Do they want to see I'm a vertically challenged messy brunette (who now has hair-straighteners (thanks M&P)) or is it better to remain a mystery? What's that saying about idiots and mouths--opening the latter and removing all doubt about the former?????

Do people want detailed bios or general blurb facts? Would people be offended if I put in links to webpages about issues important to me--environmental issues? Places I love? Authors I can't live without?

And what about the books I'm writing--I was going to practice my blurbs/one page syns to outline those. Again, what do people like? An excerpt of writing? Pictures of locations?

My guinea pig is going to be dh--he needs a work website. Luckily his stuff is fairly straight forward, science-based information. That's my forte really, but luckily for me I'm whole-brained!!! (BTW--that means I use the right and left side of my brain almost equally--used to think I was schizophrenic, but I'm all right now).

I think I can do it... Watch this space ;)


  1. Would love to see more chapters of your book , on web page ...I have been left in suspense!!

  2. Now Mini--that is the point!!!!

  3. Put in what you want to share and what your comfortable with, otherwise you wont enjoy doing it. Personally I would love to read a couple of chapters too, but regardless of what others like to see on a profile, including photos etc. put what you want. People don’t have to try links they don’t want to or read bits they have no interest in so you cant put too much in but its got to be what you want to put so its fun for you.

    I’m sure there will be enough stuff to make it fun for us but you have to put the work in so make it your space.

  4. Thanks new_friend--you know you're exactly right. I'll put in everything I want (but nothing political because that is a turn off). I guess it wouldn't be as much fun as a blog--I mean it is a static site, blogs are changing daily.
    Having checked out the software I'm a little daunted. Complicated stuff. Thankfully my guinea pig is a trusting soul :)
    What have I let myself in for ?????

  5. Hey once you figure out how to do yours. Can I harass/pay/coax you into doing mine?

    I definitely like to read excerpts on author's websites I visit. It gives me a feel for there voice and personality.