Friday, May 27, 2005

Why Bother?

Sometimes I wonder why I bother to write. I'm mean a stay-at-home-mom is a job too right? I could put my feet up, do the coffee thing, watch TV and maybe even exercise occasionally.

So why instead do I torture myself with trying to write a 300-400 page story?

The only answer is I can't NOT write.

I'm doomed :(

The only recourse is to succeed, and for me that means being published. I don't get satisfaction out of just writing the story--I need validation. I have to know my story is good enough that other people want to read it too.


  1. put a story up , we will read it... I am sure it will be good.

    Then we will say that was good, word of mouth will make publishers call at your door and when exposed to a wider audience you will become a best seller. Then you will become rich and famous (possibly experiment with drugs) make a movie of your book forget the little people and never speak to us again. ummmm ?
    maybe I got carried away there sorry

  2. ummmm ?, ummmm ?, and thrice ummmm ?

  3. Kidding... I like the little people..who else is there?

  4. I know it's hard work. You've heard me grumble enough about it, but it's just so that I can't quit now. I know you're the same way. Good luck with publication, Toni, you'll do great!

  5. Some days it seems like WHY am I doing this, doesn't it? I write, and write and submit. Still waiting for the publication validation though...

  6. I like being one of the little people even if im 16 st +, ok 17.

    I'm sure you will look back and be glad you stuck at it soon

  7. you cam write anything you want or wish..the first part is not trying to figure how..but just to do..pick up a lined tablet instead of the pc..a pencil and just do some major automatic writng-try not to think as you do-it's like blinking..-you can edit or cut down what you want's a start hope it helps..but don't give it up.if it's in your heart then you were meant to..good luck..
    no-i know you will..!!!

  8. new_friend you're twice the man I am!!! LOL. OK, so I'm obviously not a guy, but you know what I mean. My brother was 17 stone this time last year and he's lost 2 stone since. I'm very impressed with him. DH is trying to stop smoking...but failing...I'm not very impressed by him!!!

    Kacey...thanks for the understanding... it is definately a 'why do I do this?' sort of day.
    What can we do, we're addicted to writing :)

    Blue-eyed elfin. I enjoy a pen and paper but find I fill a million notebooks and never look at them. Only at the ***please remember this*** starred sections!!
    I enjoy it though, especially if I'm people watching. But I'm a plotter and except for a short scenes, and dialogue I need my keyboard. It is in my heart. We'll see. Thanks for visiting!!!

  9. Kim--I'm still slogging. We should collaborate on something. Once we are famous, we'll work on something together that'll be amazing (I can dream right?)

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