Monday, June 27, 2005

Alternative Reality

I found a romance book with me in it. LOL. Better not tell my hubby that I'm having fun between somebody else's covers!!!

I'm a character in a book Toni Anderson

Had to share because it made me laugh. I keep telling everyone I don't need a pseudonym--Anderson has to be the most common name in the world. LOL


  1. LOL too. What 'she' like? More importantly what's 'he' like?

  2. You know I haven't read it, but looks like she's rich (my fantasy) and he's some ex-military dude. Saying nothing he he he!!

  3. hehehe! A character with your name. That's too cute! I'm sure you gotta kick outta it. *g*

  4. Sima--I did get a kick out of it :)