Friday, June 17, 2005


Because hubby works on sharks we spent much of the last 4 years traveling back and forwards from Scotland to Oz. We stayed in Brisbane, Queensland, on the far Eastern edge of the continent.

Brisbane is about as different from Manitoba as Earth is to Venus. They both have rivers, dirt and people, and the similarity ends there. LOL.
Brisbane is one of the hilliest places on the earth. Undulating, steep inclines that put my home area (the Ironbridge Gorge) to shame. Winnipeg is FLAT. Brisbane has a sub tropical climate, Winnipeg is just extreme weather (-50 to +30). I remember being pregnant and pushing the stroller up and down these hills in Brisbane, a two year old reclined lazily in its folds. I remember leaving the house early and getting wherever I was going before 9 am when it got too damn hot to do anything. I remember sweating with my daughter besides me, lying beneath the ceiling fan (because hot and humid as it gets, few people in Australia have air conditioning).

I'm not a bug person, even though as a biologist I can appreciate their importance in the ecosystem--I hate the bloody things. Australia is not the place for bug-haters. We had a pet scorpion on the ceiling outside our second apartment (the second trip when son had arrived and was just a tiny baby in a hot world), they sprayed for roaches regularly, and the spiders...Lord God, the harmless orb-weavers filled me with terror and the poisonous Red-backs made me a paranoid visitor to unfamiliar toilets :)

But the very best thing about Australia are the Australians and one in particular. A very good friend of mine and a fantastic artist, Noel Miller. I am salivating at this man's work and long for the day I can buy a few of his gorgeous works. I have one...but it isn't enough. I have just discovered his website click here and thought I'd advertise for him.

And a quick note...had hubby not got this job in Manitoba, we'd probably be living in Brisbane again, and he'd be wrestling crocodiles with Steve Erwin. So thank GOD we are in Winnipeg...because I'd hate my hubby to be chewed up and spat out by a big hungry croc, not to mention my crazy son!!!


  1. You have led a fascinating life! We have wolf spiders here and they terrify me.

  2. Says the award winning author :)

    I have led a good life so far and hope I can use it in my writing LOL. The wolf spiders wouldn't be high on my 'to cuddle' list. I'm more of a snake person.

  3. We have brown recluses and wicked black widows! I hate bugs!

  4. If you can survive good ol' Portage and Main in a good wind in January, you can survive any bug sent your way. Now, about the floodway - isn't it working? I was there in 1998 or 99 when it didn't hold it back - that was the year of the BIG flood - most of southern Manitoba, North Dakota, Saskatchewan were awash.

    Canada is just such an interesting place to live and survive!

  5. Kelsey--I have heard much about the BIG flood. The floodway does seem to be working OK. My main problem is the back lane of our house washes into our garage and therefore our yard :( Makes it a muddy skating rink!!
    Gets pretty cold here, that's for sure. Survivors badges would be a good idea :) Would be nice to live out in BC on an island though!!!