Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Canada Day

We're going away for a few days to the lake. That is what Canadians do LOL. Friends of ours have very kindly offered to put us up to celebrate Canada Day. Like I say--doesn't matter how hard I try to work, I'm sabotaged :)

Now, I love being in the country, but I HATE mosquitoes. So considering we had 150 mm of rain today and the bugs were already bad, I figure the blood-suckers will be about as bad as they can get. Not to worry. I am armed with 3-types of repellent and can only hope we don't get bitten too much. I'm also hoping for a bear-free weekend, fingers-crossed.

For entertainment I have packed Suzanne McMinn's 'Cole Dempsey's Back in Town' and Diana Duncan's 'Midnight Hero', which I've had for ages but haven't been able to get to.

I have polished my TARA entry until it gleams and have to get it posted tomorrow. Because of that, DH is going off with Pam and all the kids first thing in the morning and I'm heading up with Pam's dh later. Explaining this to Pam's mother, she pipes up, "So, you're wife swapping?"

Now, exactly what can you say to that without offending someone? I was flabbergasted because I swear she was half-serious!! Thankfully we are also taking Pam's dh's mother along with us--and no, I'm not mother-in-law swapping either!


  1. Nothing wrong with trading the mother in law in for a better model. of course if you have an old vintage model or a classic you may want to keep it a little while longer. They are not so good on gas as a newer model though

  2. I can make no comments on m-i-l except I have a good one and never want another :)

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