Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cardy Time

It has been so hot and sticky this last week I went out and bought some fans. Last night we put one in our daughter's room, angled across her bed for a cool breeze. I went up later to check on the rascals, barely able to drag my legs through the thick humidity, and there she was, wrapped in a cardigan 'because my arms got cold' LOL

Kids...gotta love em.


  1. I sleep with the a/c cranked AND a fan. Summer is the worst for me!

  2. Crikey--that's cool :)

    I think I need to get something for my son's room but a fan seems dangerous for such a wee terror!!!
    It is so hot today though I might get it anyway. Over heat or lose fingers or play with the electric cord. Too many bad options!!!

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