Sunday, June 19, 2005


I've given myself a deadline for my rewrite/edits of the end of this month. Not much time when I also have the kids full-time. Then in July, I'm taking a couple of Kiss of Death (see links) workshops and learning to pitch.

Not baseball, but selling the concept of my novel.

I find it ironic that to be a successful writer I need to be a good sales-person. This is not my forte--I couldn't sell food to a starving man.

Many ironies exist in life, like in science...the better you get at research the more likely you are to be sucked into a teaching or administrative role. How does that work?

I'm pretty sure I'd have made a good dictator...if I ruled the world!!!!

On a separate note, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all dads, especially mine and Pop. Also to my hubby who is the best dad in the world!!!


  1. Toni--We can work on your pitch. Actually, I had requests like really fast and they just stared at me. I think it comes from years of Pageant interviews (shameful I admit I did that during the teen years) but I did. Just smile--look confident and keep it short and sweet.

    I have some links if I can remember where they are. One even has a pitch generator.

    The most important thing is ____________wants __________because__________but_____________ Then sum it up with a question. I can send you what I pitched for Cenya.
    Oh yeah, and one sentence for Hero and Herione.

  2. When you get in there. Ask them what they enjoy. What the think of Romantic Suspense. Who's their fav. suspense authors that way you can get a feel for what they like. Okay shutting up now :)

  3. Thanks Kim...any help would be great. LOL at the pageant thing. But then you are gorgeous :)

  4. Selling the stuff wewrite is the worst part. I hate selling. I just want to write ... But it's a necessary evil, I'm afraid.

  5. Jill- I hope I can do it as well as you do--and write as well too. Phew. Today I feel so tired I don't wanna do another Chapter, but I will!!!

  6. Anonymous7:40 am

    Excellent, love it!
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