Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Edits and Goals

I finished my second draft of my wip tonight...5 days early after slogging it out even though I didn't want to. Yeah!!!!!

My aims are now as follows.
a) Re-read those scenes I edited tonight and make sure I didn't totally screw up as my brain is half dead from fatigue.
b) Go through with my 'find' button and eliminate passive voice. Readers hate this and I use it a lot in first and second drafts
c) Go through and check my hooks...beginning and ending of every scene and chapter, to make sure readers keep turning the pages.
d) Cut anything that slows the pace.
e) print out and go through a hardcopy with a fine tooth comb.

If I can do this before July hits, I'll be happy. Then I will work on that old pitching thang

If anyone wonders why I haven't put excerpts of my writing up, it isn't just because I'm shy. I am shy, but will get over that. There is an issue with copyright and some publishers consider you published if that work is on the net. So, hopefully one day you'll get to read my stuff, but after someone has bought it...or after so long I've just given up LOL!!!

Hope everyone is over-achieving in their own worlds :)


  1. sounds like you know what you are doing so I’m sure it will be good.

    don’t know if I got the comments box sorted but my E mail is on profile and I got a couple (probably from same person using different addresses) of quite hostile emails saying I shouldn’t knock r jordans book. I thought I had made it quite clear it was just my ill informed opinion but I have taken it down anyway (and not blogged for a while)

    looking at your list I have got a lisa gardener book but again not the one you recommended the one I found first lol

  2. WHAT!!! Do you want your email on profile? Do you want me to work out how to get it off?

    Nasty comments? How ridiculous. You should have left it up, it is your blog, your opinion and people should keep abuse to themselves.

    If you want to see if you have sorted the comments box out, try to add your own comment to your blog from anonymous. See if it works!

    Lisa Gardner is great (IMO) and you might prefer some of her other books anyway, that are less romancy.

  3. OK New Friend. If you want to remove email link
    log into Blog
    rather than 'new post' click 'change settings'
    In the 'basic' tab scroll down to 'show email post links' and say 'No'

    Save settings
    Hope that helps

  4. Wonderful news about finishing the WIP!!! Woo hoo! Keep at it with those edits and you'll be ready to submit in no time. :-)

  5. You've got it chick! Hey and don't worry too much. You dont' have to take the ms to conference with you. Although I know you want it finished before you go and sparkling :)

  6. I just need to feel it is DONE to try to sell it :)