Sunday, June 26, 2005


OK--I'm plain old tuckered out--or knackered as we say in Britain :)

Hubby played poker last night. It has been a fun little evening get-together for about six guys from his work and they share a taxi, eat pizza, drink beer and each have a $20 stake at the start of the evening. Now this doesn't happen very often, and I feel like a very understanding wife because I'm glad he goes out and enjoys himself...can anyone else feel a BUT coming on?

I went to bed at 11.45 pm, foolishly having waited up for him. I had to search the house for intruders before I could sleep. Dog at my side, who just looked at me bewildered as I opened cupboard doors. I got to sleep pretty quickly after closing all the upstairs windows because I was chilly-oh and putting on socks and a long-sleeved jammy top for the same reason. And changing a diaper.

I heard scratching at 3 a.m. Hubby still wasn't home, but having had a dubious offering from the dog the night before, I went downstairs and let them out.

Back to bed. At 5 a.m. I heard the muffled sounds of a bad B&E. Hubby flopped into bed besides me, gave me a 100-proof whiff of kerosene breath and a vague kiss. "Hi, Honey." And asleep in 2.2 seconds. I could see the sun rising.

7 a.m. Dogs start whining. I leap out of bed, Hubby snoring, oblivious. Let them out before anything disgusting happened. Go back to bed. 7.30 a.m. Kids wake up.

Now, I generously got up and left Hubby to snooze till 10 a.m., then I told the kids to go get him up. Since then we had the Norwex party, the birthday party, the leaving do and now are finally home. I haven't written a word today--because rather than looking after the kids, hubby was recovering. Now if you all feel sorry for him that's fine. But this is MY blog and my moaning space so I just thought I'd share :)

He's giving me that slight frown--as if he can't quite work out why I'm pissed--and is slightly disappointed in me. I will survive.


  1. Men are stupid! I'm an understanding wife too, but when we need them to understand us, somehow they just don't ! Why is that?

    Maybe he'll get a clue you were worried and now are tired!

  2. My husband doesn't do those types of evenings anymore - he's gotten into too much trouble in the past. It would be okay if they would go and hang with the guys, but do they have to get slobbering drunk to do it? Never understood that one...

  3. Anonymous3:38 pm

    I don't know what has happened to my son since he got married he never behaved like that when he was at home then neither did I, he must be taking after his mother or perhaps it is the company he keeps in Canada, do you think I should have a word with him?!!!!!!!!!, did he win any money?

  4. Lost everything Pop--just glad he came home with the shirt on his back :0

    Figure he needs a few lessons in poker--or less beer.