Monday, June 06, 2005

Good Luck

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I'm touristed out. There is something incredibly tiring about having a break. Today we were at the oldest stone fort in Canada--Lower Fort Garry (the only remaining one I think). It didn't rain--hurrah!!!! The fort is a National Historic site and people dress up AND pretend to be characters from history. Everyone plays their part very well, if I may say so :)

This horseshoe is over the door of the Blacksmith's shop at the Fort. Iron was a powerful talisman against bad fairies and evil in the olden days--horseshoes might have been the adaption to make an old superstition more acceptable to the church...

My exhaustion is probably from my son, who is constantly on the go, at warp-speed in the opposite direction to where he's supposed to be going. What can I say?? It must be in the genes and my m-i-l insists his father was just as nuts. It might be divine justice except hubby doesn't have to deal with him 90% of the time--I do. And I was a great little girl (modest too), quiet and well-mannered, never demolished the place, never poured juice accidentally over the floor, never delivered a left-hook to people giving me a kiss, never threw cars at my door when I got a time-out.

However, thinking about the cars-thing, I do remember my brother throwing Tonker toys and always hitting my dad in the face. And--as my parents stood back to admire a newly installed window--my brother lobbing a brick through it.

Maybe the gene combination was too much for one little boy???


  1. OUCH! You're poor father!!

    I think all boys are just born with extreme hyperactivity. At least the ones in my family are.

  2. You're right. Yours in aptly named ;-)

  3. are you sure that the motivation isn’t the same but the application different only because boys have better aim , girls struggling to hit a large door with a care at close range. ( you know I am only kidding….)

  4. Boys are just DIFFERENT!! It is like having a cat and a dog. And kids are all different too--all boys are like all species of dogs from spaniels to huskies. I think I have a Rottweiller. cats...she's more a fluffy Persian kitten than a crafty siamese...

    I know you're only kidding about the aim ;) I can't kick a footboot, but I was good at hockey...and I was pretty good with my father's air-rifles, a long long time ago!! Maybe girls are better at using tools??

  5. Julie S6:26 am

    Hey Toni, just catching up with some of your blogs...interesting to hear that you've got a wee terrorist too! I don't know where mine came from either, but have a sneaking suspicion it's Richard's genes, and like you, I deal with the bundle of energy most of the time...
    will write again soon. Moving house next week, so will be busy for a while.
    Love to all,
    Julie in QLD

  6. Julie!! Lovely to hear from you! Hubbies have a lot to answer for. Good luck with the move. Keep us informed. Hope the bugs aren't to creepy just now!!!

  7. Toni -
    Isn't it strange how we often need a vacation from our vacation? :-)
    I have two stepsons and I feel your pain! They're both here now (the youngest lives with his mom) and I wonder how I ever did it when both of them lived with me.

  8. Melissa--you sound like you have a large and interesting family :)

    I stole your little face site--lovely!!!