Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My painting of St Andrews Bay

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Seems very big-headed of me to stick up a picture I painted, but it was better than having another environmental rant, which is what I really want to do.

Why can't the powers that be (industry and politicians) think about long term...rather than a quick buck? Industries could be made to use geothermal-heating/solar-power in buildings, and use recycled/environmentally sensitive materials. I have at least 2 friends/relatives high up in industry and I don't think I bug them enough (be warned ;-)).

Research could go into producing trees that consume huge amounts of CO2--there are huge tracks of land that could be reforested. Every hedgerow and field boundary in Europe would be a start, right?

And I BET there is some easy chemical reaction that consumes CO2. Why couldn't the governments build a facility that simply consumes CO2--charge the industries a levy on their taxes to cover the cost? Why don't we switch cars to be fueled by Liquid Gas? My parent's car is fueled by LPG because it is cheaper...how dumb are we not to follow suit?

Doomsters say there is only enough fuel to last another 50 years...did they include China in that calculation? The fastest growing economy in the world? When the fuel runs out what will happen? Air-travel will be a thing of the past, except air balloons (no way would you catch me up in one of those things). What of the military?

My hubby believes the companies are sitting on technology that they will switch to when the Earth is bled dry of fossil fuels...but what if they aren't? Is blind faith a smart thing when dealing with institutions so corrupt that they'll screw the environment, rather than find a better way? Do the people who make these decisions think their children will somehow be safe from climate change?

Oh Lord...look what happened. Good job I put up the picture instead huh???


  1. Thanks Jill.

    It must be the last thing I finished and a real change in 'style' for me. I'm not particularly good, but I think if I worked at it I'd be happy enough.

  2. That's gorgeous TONI! I didn't know you painted. I suppose your talent knows no bounds.

  3. LOL Kim, yeah I'm boundlessly talented :) Sort of a Jack-of-all-trades type!!!