Saturday, June 25, 2005

Party Madness

We seem to be hitting an all-time record for parties this weekend. Two kid's birthday parties, a Norwex party (cleaning without chemicals is a BIG health and environmental issue), poker night for dh, departmental leaving do for someone from dh's work.

Now, I'm all for parties, but why don't people have them in the week during the daytime? Why always do it in the evenings or at weekends when I'm working? Nobody seems to care that I work whenever everybody else relaxes :( Please imagine me grinding my teeth.

I guess I get frustrated at the lack of time for writing--time I can hopefully make up when the weans get to school.

So end of moan. I will enjoy the parties. I will get my TARA entry polished for phase 2. We are blessed :)


  1. Everything always seems to happen at once. I know how you feel--I get cranky when I don't get enough time to write too.

  2. Suzanne--cranky is the word for it. But I got some stuff done and with luck the kids will go to bed and sleep well! I'll get more time tonight and enjoy those parties more tomorrow!! :)