Friday, June 03, 2005

Soothing Bear

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OK so today I hot-footed it around the Museum of Man and Nature in Winnipeg with 4 kids and one old dear (I mean friend ;-)). It was excellent and I managed to catch some of the displays as I legged it around after my youngest, through crowds of schoolkids and oggling tourists.

The coolest bit is the boat they have inside. The Nonsuch, which is a funny name for a boat and I keep thinking 'nonsense nonsuch' and such-like (he he). Anyway they built the building around the boat (obviously having experienced that moving-house-nightmare where you have to remove a window and a wall to get the couch into a new place). You can go onboard the boat and you see the tiny beds where the officers slept. Tiny cramped, can't-swing-a-cat space, being tossed in the stormy Atlantic or rocked in the Arctic. Damp, cold, did I mention damp and cold?? And the thing is, these are the officers quarters...where do the poor sailors have to sleep? In the hold, that's where, in hammocks (to avoid the wet floors). Can you IMAGINE???


  1. Can you IMAGINE??? sownds like where they held every party I went to as a teenager lol

  2. Nope, I really can't imagine!

  3. Yikes--cold damp parties. Ours were always too hot. Not sure i went out in the winter ;-)