Friday, June 24, 2005

Summer Color

Spent a lovely morning getting some Lavender, Columbine and Daisies from the garden centre--and some garlic bulbs too (not quite sure how the smell will mix as I put them with the lavender LOL!)

Anyway, with the help of my kids, which involved my daughter weeding and making holes for the garlic bulbs and my son, dragging my spade and dibbers etc off to the paddling pool for a wash...we planted all, but 3 plants, which need to go in my windowboxes at the front of the house. Problem is I can't reach the boxes without a huge stretch, and the mosquitoes are ******* terrible out the front. So I need dh to sacrifice his body and get them down for me. :) At the moment the boxes look pretty pathetic, dead or dying pansies, a couple of straggley petunias and no sign of the begonias I planted :(

So I bought 3 gorgeous creeping plants and hope they make it!!

The weather has been lovely here and the only thing that spoils it are the mossies--we have one of those mosquito magnets thingies, but we have another few weeks before we can say how effective it is. It catches loads, but then in Winnipeg there are freaking hundreds-of-millions of the suckers.

Ok, better go water my new plants and hope the neighbor doesn't ask us to watch their dog, because she is the reason most of my first set of plants didn't survive :(


  1. dog=Wicked Interfearing Pest, this wip keeps coming up

  2. You can't keep a dedicated writer from her wip. :)

  3. Sounds like you've had an eventful morning. We've been swimming!

  4. Oohh, mosquitoes. Hate the little buggers.
    I had grand intentions with my flower beds in front of the house. They were covered with six inches of rock, so I removed all of that one weekend. Planted some flowers and it looked good for awhile. But with all those rocks gone, the weeds have come. And since I avoid heat at all costs, I don't go outside. Which means my flower garden now is a weed/flower garden. Sigh...I have no green thumb whatsoever.