Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Thunder Storms

Jill Shalvis had a nasty experience with an earthquake and a Girl Guide cookie yesterday and was asking what was everybody's scariest experience with Mother Nature.

And I'd forgotten, until I got to the last of the comments, about thunderstorms.

My mother has a phobia of thunder and lightening. When we were little she would drag all four of us out of bed in the middle of the night, put us in our wellies and hide with us in the cupboard under the stairs. I don't remember my dad being in there, so I don't know what the heck happened to him. Needless to say, myself and my siblings grew up with a total fascination (but zero fear) of storms--in fact they became exciting events in our lives.

I remember taking our holidays in a tent in North Wales. It ALWAYS rained and thundered when the tent had to go up. My dad and brother would be out in the driving rain and the girls would all be in the car, noses pressed up to the window and my mom would be hysterical in the front seat, shaking and crying. It isn't fun--she still has this phobia and still hides in the toilet with headphones on, listening to Freddy Mercury if she hears thunder.

I love storms. The closest I got to being struck by lightening was the first time I went to Toronto. Me and dh had got on a bus on our way home from the Science Museum. We got on the bus and a few seconds later we watched lightening hit the concrete with this terrific CRACK! BANG! Very dramatic. I hope that's as close as I ever get :)


  1. Wow! Very scary!
    My worst experience with mother nature was living through and F4 tornado!!!! It was awful and killed three people--one of whom I worked with. Very sad and we didn't have electricity for days after. Thankfully, my home was safe and my child was safe. Mother nature can kick our butts at times.

    ~~~ Hey we've had two deadly shark attacks this week (american not tennessee ;) in very shallow water. Gary have any theories on that? Just curious.

  2. kind of hard to say on the sharks as I don't know the circumstances but top predators will always be looking for food. Humans of course are easy prey but it never works out the best for the sharks.

  3. I LUV LUV LUV thunderstorms. We had one last night, but unfortunately, it was right while I was trying to go to sleep! I had the fans on and couldn't hear it very well. We used to get thunderstorms that would knock the power our at our farmhouse. We'd have to get out the candles.
    Great memories. :)

  4. I remember a fantastic storm in Lincoln some years ago. We were staying in a cabin at the side of a lake and sat on the veranda observing. I just loved the sheet lightening and how, even though pitch dark, it lit up the whole sky and water in front of us. Beautiful.

  5. Deb, were you staying in Mahoney State Park in Lincoln?

  6. I love to hear about all the places you've been to.

  7. I love storms, too! I'm always happy when the sky goes dark and a storm hits. Unless it comes with tornadoes. Don't like those much. But rain, thunder.... Love it!

  8. Jill-when you grow up there, it doesn't seem so exotic.

    I love storms but I don't know how I'll cope with tornados. There was one an hour south of us last week. I guess you do what you have to do and grab your kids/dogs and head to safety.

    I just phoned home and my poor mom spoke to me from the loo, thunderstorm outside. She'd taken drugs to calm down :( What a shame!

  9. Melissa, no it was Tattershall Park in Lincolnshire, England. Fabulous place.

  10. Jeez Deb, you go to the nicest places :)

  11. Last friday night we played cards out on our friends patio.
    Suddenly a huge clap of thunder roared over head and lightening lit up the sky. I nearly jumped out of my seat. Our hosts from the Mid West, USA, (Tornado Country and so experienced storm watchers!) sat calmly without blinking an eye. We carried on playing for the next half hour as they reassurred us that the storm was no danger, meanwhile it raged around us.

    My nerves were shattered and I have no idea what cards I played.

    Eventually a huge bolt of lightening hit the ground shaking the chairs etc and they decided to head for cover.

    The most dramatic card game I`ve ever played! ( Apart from when Pop threw himself across the dining room table in a rage, remember Toni!)

  12. Oh I remember Janny :)
    I love cards with the Andersons!!! Sounds like a lovely setting for a game--hope no money was involved!! I bet storms in the mountains are beautiful to watch.