Wednesday, June 15, 2005


What is it about men and tools???

Hubby went off the other day and bought a sledgehammer and a pick-axe. It wasn't just an ordinary pick-axe, it was a ditch-digging pick-axe. But then again, he is Irish. LOL.

The scary thing is he's off to Home Depot after work...wonder what he needs this time????


  1. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Maybe he has plans, look out

  2. offer him two spades and say take your pick lol

  3. My husband is a crane operator at a scrap yard. He brings home stuff EVERY DAY. A snow blower (that works), a picnic table, tires, wheels, hammers, sledghammers...he even brought home a car that runs! Our three car garage has turned into a TWO car garage with all his stuff crammed into the middle. LOL :-)

  4. LOL at the joke new_friend. The old ones are still the best!

    My great uncle owns a scrap yard, richest person in the family ;-)

    My dad worked for him briefly, but kept breaking all the heavy equipment...cost his uncle a fortune and funnily enough my dad got another job pretty damn quick ;-).

    LOL at the stuff your dh brings home...sounds good though!

  5. Men and home depot. Scary combination. There's no telling what he might bring home.

  6. Ha, my husband has 3 of everything.... And he keeps buying tools, new and used (and the used ones don't even have to work if they are a GOOD deal at a garage sale!).

  7. LOL. Suzanne, my dh is like that and nearly cried when we emigrated. Needless to say replacing power tools was the first thing on the list when we arrived in the 'new-world'

    Lawn mowing is another of his things...what is with the lawn thing and men??