Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I'm really annoyed. Damned bugs have eaten my poor trees. Canker worms, and what I think are Elm beetles, have ravaged most of my eight big trees. I banded the elms, but think they were too close to the neighboring trees to be effective.


I have a man coming to look and maybe spray later today but it is the end of that bug lifecycle, almost, until next year. The damage has been done. I have an arborist coming in a couple of days (I assume he is like a tree-surgeon? A tree GP?). He says I may need to feed them extra food and try to baby them more now, (as if an 80 degree temperature gradient wasn't hard enough to deal with!). Anyway. Had I known about the danged things I would have have the insecticide out faster than you can say 'dead bug', but no one told me and I didn't know. sniff.

I have a thing for trees and I'm really upset.


  1. Um...just curious. How do you baby trees? Stick them on the couch with a good movie to watch and a pint of ice cream? LOL - just kidding - it just sounds like a funny concept.

  2. get bigger bugs to eat the little tree eating bug. protection racket

  3. I think I'm supposed to feed, water and probably talk to them, band them in winter, spray them in spring, generally turn my life over to tree loving :)

    If I got bugs to eat the bugs they'd need to be Am cockroach size...yuck!! I need more birds!!!