Thursday, June 16, 2005

What am I?

I'm having one of those weird thoughts...
I'm English, husband Irish, children born in Scotland...but they will grow up Canadian. They will have little Canadian accents, wear Canadian flags on every item of apparel. But where will I want to live when I'm older, retired? My heart is in Britain, mainly in Scotland, but with patches of Shropshire and Wales holding vital pieces. I crave the sea and the mountain view, but don't have that here in the geographical center of North America.

When/if I finally reach an age where I can choose where I want to live...where will it be? Because I can't see the little Canadians wanting to go home to Blighty.

Maybe this is why I finished hanging the pictures in our house yesterday...after ten months, I finally realize we will be staying a while.


  1. I hope that is a relaxed contented thought not an ‘I’m resigned to it thought’.
    If your of an age that you can choose where to live, and that is where you have chosen good for you ( I couldn’t live where there is no proper beer). Its nice you and your family enjoy Canada so much, while you can be happy always take the opportunity. Looking at the joys of this road is so much more uplifting than questioning the paths not taken. You seem to have it down pat so you must be a pretty happy type of person, even if you did live too close to Wales once lol

  2. I am pretty content and it wasn't a resigned to it thought--accepting.

    I don't regret anything, but I can see hard choices in the future :)

    I might have lived too close to Wales but I was still east of the border ;-)

  3. Well, you've heard my accent, so imagine your kids sounding like that! LOL I still say you need to write a shark researcher hero. How hot would that be?

  4. Kim--it has to happen... LOL.

  5. I've never been at home in my hometown. I've always longed for something more. I think I found it when I went to England in 1995, but haven't been back since. Someday...

  6. Sometimes places call to you. I know :) Scotland feels like home to me, and I was always restless in my home town in the UK.