Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Work Bear

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OK--I told you. I love these bears.

Today I wrote a scene from my villain's POV. He's a nasty character, but young and tormented, I feel kind of sorry for him. He has attempted rape, tried to kill my heroine, twice, and has more plans for her. He deals drugs and is generally a very unsavoury character. His mother beat him as a child, for telling stories (he's psychic) and it has twisted his sense of right and wrong.

I do believe moms/dads affect how their children turn out--please, please, don't let my kids turn into whackos because I screwed up!!!


  1. again what an excellent picture. got a robert jordan eye of the world book , hope they do not need reading in order.

  2. Well--kind of, but see how you get on ;-)
    I haven't forgotten, just busy with visitors!!!!

  3. I have written a couple of short scenes from my villans POV in one of my WIP and those scenes were my favorite to write. I loved getting into the head of a crazy man and exposing his obsession.
    I do agree with what you posted that parents can affect the way kids grow up and that can be the cause of some mental problems. That could be a interesting subject to explore in a novel.