Sunday, July 24, 2005


Well tomorrow is my big departure day!!!!!!!! One week in Reno--no kids--no pets--no hubby to look after. I am very excited to get away from my responsibilities for a whole week and meet like-minded writers who enjoy what I enjoy and understand my daily anx:)

I haven't actually zipped up my case ready to go yet--in fact, I still have a couple of major things to get sorted out tomorrow morning. Not like me at all, almost as if I can't believe I'm really going :) Anyway, I have a million outfits, shoes, make-up and toiletries, everything a girl needs when she's away!! And no diapers--wayhay!!!! I also heard the police and firemen are holding their Olympics the same week in Reno--LOL--a romance writers conference and this...??? Think someone higher up is organizing things ;-)

DH is reinstalling the gate as the older dog disappeared earlier. We live on a quiet street, but only 500 yards down the street is a six-lane highway (gulp), anyway she was fine. DH dug holes yesterday (like any Irishman worth his salt he finished in no time at all) and we found the cracks in the walls, the tree roots and other assorted problems which he hopefully fixed. Now he just has to grade the earth, lay a path and reinstall the front steps while I'm away :) No problem :))

So I'm looking forward to going away, looking forward to coming back and generally looking forward...

Have a great week everyone. I won't post until next week--but DH said he might????????????? Crikey!


  1. I can feel your excitement jump off the computer screen! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. Good luck!!!!! Have fun!!!

  3. Too late to wish you luck and fun Toni, so this one's for G. Get little ones to mix the concrete - I'm sure the wee'un would love that. You can sit on a deck chair with a Sleemans and take in the moment. Enjoy your week too.

  4. I LOVED meeting you!!

  5. Thanks Jill!!! I loved meeting you too!!!