Thursday, July 21, 2005


Grrr. Being far from family makes it hard to do stupid little things, like nip to the bank, or shop or hairdresser. Basically we have to do everything with the kids--from selling houses, buying houses, painting, Do-It-Yourself, writing, even going to the bathroom involves a threesome. Now I LOVE my children and I love my families, but sometimes I wish we were all closer.

DH is great, a real hands-on dad who takes time with his children, but I miss the casual way you can entrust your family with your most precious possessions and nip out for a bit of a break.

This isn't a moany post--this is a be grateful for what you have post--as I see so many people take this support for granted. Family can be a pain, it can be an obligation you don't want, but really family is a blessing and you should take a moment to appreciate it!!!

I love you family--even though you are too far away to babysit LOL!!!!


  1. I hear ya on the whole family being too far away to babysit! When we moved 500 miles across the state, we lost ALL our babysitters - and we had a ton of them since both my husband's family and my family lived there. Now I just have my little brother to call in emergencies, but he's still a bachelor, lives with a bunch of other bachelors, so he doesn't babysit too often. But his girlfriend is more than happy to, so that's nice.

  2. sounds like you are close to your familly regardless of geography

  3. Sounds like you have a lovely family. Good luck at Nationals! And I know your dh will have it all under control ;)

  4. The family is great (but mad LOL)

    DH thinks he has everything under control. He said he might even post on my blog (yikes)

    I am not going to doubt him--honest!!!!