Sunday, July 03, 2005

Getting away from it All

OK--so we've pumped the garden--again!!!

There has been so much rain in the last few days the floodway overspilled and when we drove west it was like driving over causeways, with what I assume are fields normally filled with crops, only this time filled with water. It has been a terrible year for the farmers. Not that I usually feel sorry for farmers, but it is July and they haven't even planted out crops yet!

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My weekend away was less than successful. Our hosts were fabulous lovely people, location very quiet and relaxing, but my kids--well my son, was seriously hard work. He didn't sleep (well maybe three-stinking hours each night), he didn't eat (just one sausage over three days) and he cried whenever I put him down.

Dogs weren't allowed inside so they got tied up outside and bitten to distraction and managed to dig a dog-sized hole in our friend's yard (thankfully he didn't hang himself, the silly mutt). Our youngest dog is not happy with us!!!

Sooooo..... Rather wished we'd stayed home. DH had fun, lots of beers and golf and company. Yep, he chilled out.

I guess with me trying to work each evening and weekend it doesn't leave much time for US. But what can you do? I'm not a shrinking-violet-follow-the-guy-around-doing-what-he-wants sort of girl. I'm driven. Pretty much regardless of what I do, I like to do it well.

I didn't get to read, or edit, or hike, or sleep, or draw. Rather than getting away from it all--I pretty much took everything with me :(


  1. Wished you'd had a better time. Sounds like men always get to have the fun!

    I'm with you on the shrinking voilet. If my dh wants to do something--he can do it. Doesn't need me following him around. I have my own agenda.

    But it would be nice to get to relax!

  2. Motherhood. Not all it's cracked up to be...

  3. Hugs on the hard weekend getaway, Toni! Maybe things will be calmer now that you're back home.

  4. Motherhood is HARD--but we all slept well last night and son is eating again--even the dog looks happier!!

    I'm doing two workshops and thinking about packing for Reno LOL!!!

  5. Sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation! :-) I hate it when restful getaways are anything BUT restful.