Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th July

What is the freakiest thing to ever happen to you?

I remember going for a pee behind a man-sized boulder up in Northern Labrador once. The mosquitoes had finally quit, we hadn't seen a bear the entire six weeks we'd been working up there. So I risked sneaking off to expose my bohooty to the pale sun.

Finishing the job, I turned around and twenty feet away was this big black bear, just ambling up to the falls where we were working. Soooooo.... I followed the rules. Kept my eye on his butt while I walked slowly (facing him) back to my buddies, to hide behind the biggest guy. They were all hollering at me (notice I'm writing this in North American ;-) ) "There's a bear!!"

As if I hadn't noticed a 500 lb animal walking parallel to me :)

I was proud of myself for not running screaming into the distance LOL.

They really do look like big cuddly toys out in the wild. It is quite incredible to come face to face with such a wild creature.

The next day I was better prepared...bear-bangers. Good job really as I met three bears at the same spot :) Just call me Brownilocks!!!


  1. Okay - what are bear bangers? I think I probably would have lost it had I come face to face with a bear. :-)

  2. You have a revolver thing--maybe a capgun is a better description. You put a firework banger thing in the barrel, point and shoot.

    Basically you fire a banger type firework in their direction in the hopes it freaks them out enough to move in the opposite direction :)