Saturday, July 16, 2005


I LOVE music. I like it so much I sometimes think there might be something wrong with me. As a small child I played my mom's Beatles 45's on the record player--stacked up about 5 at a time and let them scratch each other to death. As a teenager I loved the 80's pop scene--but I discovered Bruce Sprinsteen aged 16 and never looked back. To me his songs are fabulous and resonate with my working class background. Haven't got his newest albumn yet, maybe that can go on my Christmas list :)

I also love country, classical, then everything from Great Big Sea to Jann Arden to Nirvana and Ronan Keating...see there is something wrong with me.

I find it drowns out the background noise that surrounds me and lets me focus on my writing. Other times I turn Avril Lavigne up loud just so I CAN'T hear the kids moaning at me.

I'm wicked--what can I say :)


  1. Remember 'Tell Laura I love her' and 'The bloody red barron'? They were the real thick old vinyls that were hanging around at your Mum and Dads.... fabby. Just listening to Roberta Flack, Keene, Compliation of 70's/80's, Joss Stone... just need Dolly Parton and Iron Maidon and we've covered the whole spectrum!! Music is great and should be enjoyed across a whole range and not just honed into one category.... rock it girl!

  2. I mostly wear headphones and tune them out! Girl I rock too! I'm listen to Chemical Romance, Avril, Gwen Stefani, the list goes on. I play a classical so I'd rather just listen to it when I'm learning a new piano piece!

    Rock on Toni! Get down with your bad self!

  3. Deb--remember Stupid Cupid you're a real mean guy, I'd like to clip your wings so you can't fly. I'm acting like a love sick fool...

    and on and on and on

    I know the words of a tune I haven't heard in more than twenty years :)

    Time flies. I'm a little behind now on the music scene, need to get hooked up to a radio station :)

  4. Anonymous10:11 am

    Have you heard KT Tunstall yet? A Fife gal who's a bit 'rocky'! We've also been listening to Hayseed Dixie (geddit??), and went to a fantastic Proclaimers concert - how fast did that speed me back to the 80s??

  5. KT Tunstall--no. From Fife!! Must listen. And the Proclaimers--still going strong from one there one famous albumn :)