Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My Grandad

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This is my grandad and I'm very sad. He was supposed to visit us for a month or so, to soak up the rays of August in the prairies. Unfortunately due to his age and health it'll cost $2500 to get medical insurance to cover his trip--which he/we can't afford.

He's visited and stayed every year since my granny died. Now I'm far away and I don't know the next time I'll see him! That sucks.


  1. Hi This does suck have you tried -
    american express 0800 700 707
    marks and spencers 0800 068 3918
    age concern
    columbus direct 01243 836 801
    AXA PPP healthcare 0870 608 0850
    These are advertised in The Oldie as doing ok deals.
    Hope one of these works for you

  2. I don't know what to say Toni, except that it makes me sad too - knowing what he will be missing and more importantly knowing that you will be missing him!

    Big hug.....

  3. Thanks Karen--I'll try the numbers.

    Deb--I know, I'm really down about this.

  4. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Oh Toni ..very sad for you and G'dad John ..he is a lovely guy and will miss seeing his No. 1 G'daughter , just as she will miss seeing him. There just must be an Insurance co. out there that will take him on.Don't give up yet. Mini

  5. Hugs, Toni. He looks like a hoot. I like him just from his photo! :)

  6. He is a hoot and I will investigate further. Would hate for him not to visit.


  7. Oh I'm so sorry!!! I just want to hug him! And you!!

  8. sorry for you bouth im sure he would want to come as much as you want him there

  9. Oh, Toni, I hope something can be worked out. He looks like a wonderful guy.

  10. OK--I have some numbers, I'm gonna phone my mom and get her to investigate further. But he had a stroke a couple of years ago, seems to work against him :(

  11. Sorry you're not going to get to see your grandad. He looks very handsome in that pic.

    That really stinks. Hugs!!!!