Sunday, July 17, 2005

Packing so far...

OK--so we are more than a week away, but the clothes are all on the hangers waiting to be placed gently into the suit-carrier. Please don't think I have any reverance for clothes, but I hate ironing :)

So far I have packed:
Tea bags
4 pairs of shoes
5 outfits for day wear, 2 for appointments, 3 evening get-ups,
Hair straighteners
Make-up (note I can pack it now as I never wear any LOL)
7 pairs of knickers (I was seriously worried I might forget these essentials given the focus on what I'm wearing on top)
1 pair of tights--under pressure as I hate those too
2 pot noodles
1 box cuppa soup
Swimming cossy
Folder containing my program
My pitches (which I finally wrote without the help of my online course but with the help of 3 great Critique Partners)
A couple of sample query letters for the interactive workshops
The first two pages of both my manuscripts for more interactive workshops
Headache tablets

My daughter has lent me some glitter gel and drawn me a picture :) So I should get noticed LOL. Need to pick the perfect book for the trip...

Mustn't forget:
Earplugs ;-)


  1. What's kettle?

    Sorry, yank here ;)

    You're going to do great. Knock'em dead TONI!

    The glitter is too cute! How sweet!

  2. i read the list really quick and thought it said viagra not Visa
    Visa...... um noy quite the same.

    have you packed kittchen sink yet

  3. Oooh, I can't wait to see you in your glitter gel! My daughter loves that stuff, too!

  4. Kim--a kettle?? OK--now I know Tennessee is in a foreign land!!! A thing to boil water in??

    New_friend...LOL, nuts, I forgot my viagra, but I'm sure some of the girls will have some packed. Those internet ads promise instant results :)

    Suzanne--I hate glitter gel, all sticky and gooey, but what can you do ???

  5. Okay, I thought it was slang for something! Is if for your tea?

  6. Ooh, you're going to have so much fun! I'm envious. You'll have to be sure and take lots of pics to share with us!

  7. Kettles are for tea Kim. :)

    Melissa--my pictures will be Reno this and that for weeks!! Assuming I don't lose the camera, which I must pack ;-)