Sunday, July 10, 2005


Yesterday I had a very productive day. Took kids swimming, got haircut, lunch, helped dh on an outside project as the weather was gorgeous, went swimming again, worked on my KOD workshop homework and caught up on my disappearing course (it's not magic, but it is brilliant), called it a day at 6 p.m. and then ironed until 10 p.m. stopping for a five minute break to put the kids to bed and 10 minutes to eat dinner (dh cooked). We watched Sideways as dh zonked on the couch and I ironed (it was a pretty big pile :))

I wasn't really taken with the movie. It was quirky, but the wine talk turned me off and although I liked the two main characters I found Miles-the lead-too unattractive to love (not physically, just his character--though OK physically he wasn't for me either). Sorry :( But his journey and anx trying to publish a brilliant but unmarketable novel tugged my strings. If you don't write a book that can fit into a specific part of the bookstore, you won't get published. That is a fact of writing you need to learn. I'm still working on that aspect of my first manuscript, trying to define what type of romance it really is. Pretty much Danielle Steel meets Mary Stewart. LOL.

News wise Birmingham was the centre of a huge evacuation last night. It is not that far from my hometown and brings the threat of terrorism to the heart of Britain. Everybody knew London was a target--but Birmingham? Makes you wonder.

And I am seeing hope for the environment...not because of the G8 summit but because the thought of relying on foreign oil is (apparently) finally making the American politicians think. BBC news article

So--let's all cross our fingers that it isn't too late, even as the earliest hurricane of the season in the last 200 years hits the Caribbean. It could just be a fluke--couldn't it???


  1. Yay for productivity! Don't you always feel great after you've achieved so much? It sometimes takes way too much motivation to get to that productivity point, though. ;-)