Saturday, July 23, 2005

Romance Junkies Contest

Romance Junkies run a fun contest where YOU get to vote on the first chapter of a story.

Being a complete glutton for punishment and enjoying the cruel and unthinking comments people can make on other peoples writing, I have entered both my stories today :O I don't know when they go up--but I am assured they will go up.

Please note: I have changed this post and removed the names of my stories based on an email advice sent out to contestants. A) it said please vote, B) it said don't just email all your friends and get them to vote else you just get the most popular person and not the best story winning. LOL. Well as I am SO popular I'll play by the rules. So please check it out regularly and when my story goes up I will say--but I won't tell you which it is. However, it may be easy to spot LOL--as my name is there (cringe as I just realized this fact!! Anyway--I have TRIED to play fare!!!)

So I'm putting pressure on myself--contests, editor and agent appointments and the writing conference in Reno (yeehaw)!!

What are you guys doing to give yourself more stress?


  1. PS. Thye have to deem me worthy and also make sure the entry fits the guidelines and the contest runs to the end of August--so it might not go up straight away--if at all LOL!!

    If the entries go up I'll let you know :)

  2. Well, you're worthy Toni!
    I've read them both and they're fab!!!!!!!

  3. Ditto. Will we be able to see the feedback too, or is that only visible to you?

  4. I'll have to stop by and check it out!

  5. Deb--I have no idea LOL!! If it is bad I hope only I get to see it --if it is good I hope everyone does!! I guess like most of life it doesn't work that way!!!!

    Gena--thanks for stopping in :)

  6. Hey Toni!
    I hadn't heard the whole "don't email your friends about your story" request - oops!
    I posted it on the HI thread - but so did a few other people, so maybe the "popularity" votes will cancel each other out! :)
    I've had great fun with the contest so far - so many great comments! (I'm happy to see that maybe the negative people aren't taking the time to email!)
    Sounds like you had fun at Reno!
    See you around the HI thread!
    (aka "wannabe")

  7. Okay, Toni, you're just going to have to break down and tell us what the titles are. We promise we won't snitch. Besides, I told everyone before they posted the don't tell thing and I didn't get booted. :)