Friday, July 08, 2005


It is hard to know what to write today. How to follow death and mutilation with fluff? But then I was also thinking, if the people in London can get back on the buses and trains and go to work, I can write a stupid blog post!

I'm busy collecting things for my imminent trip to Reno. I bought a kettle--sounds really dumb, huh? But the rooms don't have tea/coffee making facilities and it was only $9. I'm addicted to tea, totally. I could give up alcohol, no problem, chocolate--with major distress, but I could never give up tea. My Englishness coming through! I was raised on tea, think I was probably drinking it out of a bottle :)

I also bought tic-tacs as everyone assures me breath mints are a must??? I don't normally send people gagging in the other direction, but maybe this time it'll be different? All I keep thinking is 'Fancy a tic-tac?' Was that an advert, way back?

I bought new pj's--my roomies will be pleased to know :)

What else am I taking... Clothes, LOL. I am a scruffy jeans and T-shirt sort of girl. I thought grunge was invented so I could fit in :) But I have to be smart for Reno--playing dress up--in case... In case what? I'm not sure why actually. Published writers say 'you must present a professional image' but I wonder why?

Why do we place so much perception on what we wear? I can be smart in jeans. I can be seriously professional in jeans. As a scientist wearing anything smart was liable to get covered in fish gore within a couple of hours--I can't tell you how disgustingly dirty and smelly I have been in the name of professionalism.

But I'm packing all my good clothes, all those wedding outfits that have only been worn once and even my going away outfit from my wedding. It still fits . So I'm going to be smart--until I'm confident enough to just be me (by then I'll be old and cantankerous so no one will care--eccentric is the word if I'm rich). And hope I stand out for being a nice person in a variety of nice outfits, minus the hats :)


  1. Fancy a tic-tac???

    ROTF! That's a good one.

    I love jeans and jammies. Honestly, I don't like to dress-up. Everyone that works with me knows that. I can see dressing up for your pitch appointments (they're kind of like an interview) but I'd want to be comfortable for my classes. Maybe comfy khakis?

  2. I have comfy linen trousers and flowy printed shirts that I love and are smart enough though a bit hippy-ish :)

    My fancy stuff will be for the evening 'do's!

    SO I have two appointments, I have a nice summery outfit for one--but toying with the whole black suit idea for the other. Hmmm.. can't decide!! Actually I really fancy looking for a pair of cowboy boots in Reno--think dh would notice?

  3. Toni, you make me laugh.... The latest tic-tak advert in the UK is around 'shaking your tic-taks' at someone, and them saying "Is she shaking her tic-taks at me?" Go girl, get them rattling!! lol.

    I think the black number would be good - pair up with a nice colourful top and ditch the jacket if you don't feel comfortable on the day. Flowy is cool too - very trendy at the moment, especially in those earthy ethnic shades!! Get me eh!

  4. Oh--I have earthy ethnic shades LOL

    Is she shaking her tic taks at ME???

  5. I prefer comfort over style anymore. I blame the weight gain!
    Y'know, I was thinking about the resiliency of the English people. The Blitz of WWII, the IRA attacks, sheesh, the list is endless. It seems they can just tackle anything. A very admirable quality. :-)

  6. I think the Brits are very resilient--I'm proud to be British most of the time--except when the football hooligans start misbehaving. The whole WWII thing makes me think. I mean the Germans are so BIG generally and my relos who fought in the war are so small!!
    Obviously--the Brits weren't alone, but they were ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

  7. I for a business casual type look at conferences. I don't like to be uncomfortable. Fancy clothes makes me think = uncomfortable. I wear dressy pants, stuff like that.

  8. Suzanne-everything I own is comfy--pretty much. I may not look good in it, but it is comfy, LOL

  9. I LOVE jeans. A warning for Reno ... it's going to be HOT HOT HOT.

  10. I'll wilt! Most of my clothes are good in heat--flowy-top things again. Inside the hotel should be fine with AC. I'm looking forward to checking out downtown and around :)