Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The story so far...

Sheesh--my life is getting out of control.

I finished the 3rd draft of my wip last night. Very proud to have got that far. Needs another two sweeps I'd say before I'm happy with it--and my CPs need to see if I've pulled everything together at the end.

I finished working on my pitches. I abandoned my online course as the instructor had a personal crisis and disappeared for a week. I might check out the rest of her suggestions, but I don't want to tangle up my thoughts now I have the thing pretty much straight in my head. Lord, all that work for 3 minutes of talking and a lifetime of making an impression--maybe I'll post them online LOL.

My DH is having a nightmare time in his life so I'm sending big kisses his way--he left the house saying Well at least we aren't starving and being kicked out of house at gunpoint. So??? Must be really bad as he is the optimist in the family. Life isn't easy just now.

I have a week to fill before I leave. My plan is to maybe do a read through of my first manuscript while my CPs read my second manuscript. I might even take a night off and relax. I have planned kids things this week--out with my friend today--zoo tomorrow--informal mom's group Thursday. Then maybe we can do family things for the weekend.


  1. So sorry to hear life is tough right now, Toni. Lots of hugs to you and your family!
    WTG on the writing front!!!

  2. sit down drink some tea. think it will all work out well and try to relax. good things should hapen to good people so i hope they do for you

  3. Take a breath!

    It's going to be fine!

    Hey, do I have your full or just a chapter?

    Just making sure I'm doing my part!

  4. Sorry--I didn't mean to sound down!!! Just worried about my other half.

    Tea helped :)

    The BBC World news last night didn't help. I ended up crying over starving babies in Africa!! Life can be kind of mean, but I appreciate all the good things I have.

  5. Remember we love you all

  6. Hey--love you too sweety :)