Monday, July 11, 2005


How to bore the pants off you and discuss the weather (Now is that trousers or knickers? I don't know where that expression comes from. My mind suggests knickers because if you're really bored...OK, I digress, sorry).

Yesterday is was so hot and sticky it was a nightmare. DH was putting up new guttering and looked like he'd just stepped out of the shower the whole time. Last night we had a big lightening storm--the thunder was way off, but the rain--it lashed down! But it hasn't broken the heat here.

Today it says 95% humidity and a temp of 26C. Yesterday it must have been 30C and 99% humidity and didn't that remind me of Brisbane!!!! I don't mind heat, but I hate that thick, cut-with-a-knife humidity. Here's hoping the floodway copes with the Red River and the humidity breaks!!!

OK--it is only 9 a.m. but the ac has to go on!!

And why is it men only get really energy conscious when ac is involved????


  1. Ugh. I hear you on the whole humidity thing. It's been bad here lately and I absolutely hate it. We're in the midst of a drought right now and I'm hoping we get some thunderstorms soon, although as hot as it is, those storms might bring hail.
    My husband doesn't need a/c to get him going - in fact, he was out in the heat all day on Saturday and didn't stop to drink anything - foolish boy!

  2. Yo, that brings back memories - never sweated behind my knees before I lived in Singapore! (Too much information, not a nice image!! lol)

    How strange it is to step out of a/c chilled shopping centres into the heat of the day - us Brits are used to going inside for warm not stepping outside....

    Shouldn't complain it'll be over before you know it and back to the icicles!

  3. Melissa--men forget to drink water...why is that? Drought? Sheesh we could pump you some???

    Deb--knees huh? What I hate is when the sweat drips down your chest and into the waistband of your trousers--yuk!!

  4. My husband and I are always at odds over the temp that a/c is set at!!!

  5. Hot and grumpy--cool and poor :)