Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What would you do if you were rich???

People my parents know recently won nine million pounds--$20+ million dollars--on the lottery.

If I had that sort of money I'd move house--or somehow cure the water problems of this house ;-) Maybe put everything on stilts? I'd buy another house in North Wales for my family to use, I'd buy a house in Mull or one of the wee islands, plus a boat, for retirement (and for family to use). Maybe one in Ireland to rent out. I'd install as much renewable energy into each property as I could (geothermal heating, solar power, etc). I'd get my mother a helper--maybe two!!

Then... I'd visit my CPs and treat them to some fancy hotel spa for a weekend, I'd take the kids to DisneyLand, I'd tour the national parks of N. American in a camper van (Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Glacier National Park), I'd return to Australia and visit my friends, do another camper tour in the Red Centre, tour New Zealand and see where they filmed Lord of The Rings, I'd fly to Churchill to see Polar bears and Alaska to see the scenery. I'd go visit family in Africa--even if they don't have any fuel!!!

I'd set aside a good portion, say a million dollars to aid programs that fed starving children or helped improve African farming methods--maybe more???

I'd buy one pair of diamond studs--because I've always fancied a pair. Might buy some real furniture, although truth be told I actually like Ikea.

I wouldn't stop writing though DH could decide for himself if he wanted to stop work...I bet he wouldn't :)

What does that say about us I wonder???

OK--what would you do with $20 million???


  1. Thanks for the spa!!!!

    First off, I'd build a house and pay off my vehicles.

    After that, I think I'd take my family on a vacation, since we hadn't had one in three years.

    But after that, I think I'd be generous. I'd plan a vacation with my and my cp's in some exotic island or something so we can just have some girl's time.

    I would build a new library onto the school I teach and fill it with books and buy them new computers. :)

    I would also donate to foster kid homes and some charity for children that are terminally ill and have been abused.

    Oh, yeah, and I might buy some new jeans without that worn out look :)

  2. Or better, have some designer make you your own jeans that fit Just Right.

  3. Anonymous10:12 am

    i would buy a private jet (with pilot!)so as i could visit the far flun family..and also lend them the plane for their hols also

  4. Anonymous10:15 am

    I hadn't finished !!I'd dig lots of wells in Africa in remote villages(not personally) Mini

  5. Kendra--that feels funny on my tongue Ms Pseudonom!! Oh--exotic islands sounds good too :)

    Mary--a fellow suffer who can never find anything to fit??

    Mini--thanks for the plane and the wells sound like a very good idea. We should set the boys digging--they love that stuff!!

  6. I've had this dream so many times...

    1) Build my dream house, not sure if it would be here or somewhere else.
    2) Buy a summer cottage in England.
    3) Pay off all my family's debts.
    4) Invest a ton of it.
    5) Set up a trust fund for the kids with the stipulation that they MUST have a job for so many years before they can access the money.
    6) Donate money to my history dept. where I earned my MA for new programs and scholarships.
    7) Maybe buy a very cool car - like a Dodge Viper.
    8) Donate money to food shelters, etc. so that there are NO HUNGRY PEOPLE in my city.

  7. Melissa--you sound ready :)

    I forgot--a Saab convertable for DH (not very environmentally friendly but maybe we can convert it LOL).

  8. No idea! Just wait...and see what seemed good. It'd be awesome to write cheques for good causes and watch the mouths fall open. I really, really don't know.

  9. perkilated... yes the mouth dropping would be nice, but personally I'd find it hard to do face-to-face.

    Too shy, LOL!!!

  10. I know, I'm still not used to it either. :)

  11. I would buy a major publishing house and never have to worry about selling another book. LOL.

  12. I'd wear dead scruffy dirty clothes and go into a BMW showroom to see how I was treaty!!!! Flash that cash.

    Toni, my friend Kay also knows the lottery winner - she phoned Kay and said "Guess what we've won the lottery!" Kay was over the moon, but mainly because they have a sydicate at work and thought they had ALL won and not just this one family... happy days, not. She was still very very pleased for this other lady even though they didn't have a penny. Hee hee.

  13. LOL Deb!!! Poor Kay!! Imagine giving someone a heart attack like that!! You wouldn't drive a Beemer would you???